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Restructure and content breakdown of partners pages for B2B


My role

UX Workshop, Information Architecture, Site Map, Wireframes, Design, Design System


I worked with members of the business unit responsible for the B2B of the Brother USA to redesign the solutions and partners section of the website. Key business objectives were discussed before moving into IA recommendation and wireframe phases. I developed a design system for the design team to follow across all B2B initiatives.


To kick off this project, a discovery workshop was planned for key stakeholders to discuss business objectives, goals, and user impacts. There was a clear necessity for a consistent design system across B2B projects. Existing content was leveraged to construct a new Information Architecture and presented site map to key stakeholders.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture was structured to provide a way for users to navigate between the partners' pages, by a solution. There would be the main landing page, which then would allow users to choose a solution they were interested in before moving to the next section, including viewing the partners and additional information.

Stakeholder Feedback

The new IA was presented to the stakeholders. It was then analyzed by existing content, business needs, user goals. With some final adjustments based on the categorization based on business restructuring, the site map was approved.

Site Map Site Map


I designed a templated layout, which would serve two purposes of which consisted of, consistency of use across each solution and integration within the site CMS. The main landing page would link to each solution and reveal associated partners.

Key Features

The key features associated at the wireframe level included distilling key content from existing pages for better and more cohesive user experience. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was considered across these pages. I integrated in-page linking for an SEO boost and better user navigation between the solutions.

Landing Page Wireframe Landing Page
Solution Page Wireframe Solution Page


I designed the templated pages to follow the wireframe and newly implemented design system. Color was used to demonstrate related categories and help the user with navigation. This principle was to be carried out covering future B2B initiatives.

Partners landing page Partners landing page
Solutions 3-Up Solutions 3-Up
Solution Mobile Print Solution Mobile Print
Solution Security Solution Security
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