Crafting Machines Series

Responsive design for machine series section on website for B2C


My role

User Research, Usability Testing, UX Workshop, Wireframes, Design


I worked with members of the business unit responsible for the craft section of the Brother USA website to redesign the product series section. Key business objectives were discussed before moving into wireframe and design. I lead the research initiative for the introduction of usability testing within the UX department. A remote unmoderated usability test revealed genuine feedback from Brother USA audience.


To kick off this project, a discovery workshop was planned for key stakeholders to discuss the current state of the product series section of the website and how it would fit with other initiatives. A consensus for milestones and plans business objectives were determined.

Design Workshop

After a review of the current website and existing research, a workshop was planned. Both members of the design team invited at least one key stakeholder to rapidly generate and discuss ideas. After this meeting, the design team met to discuss the workshop and begin design.

Stakeholder meeting Stakeholder meeting


Wireframes were designed based on previous UX workshop results, including consideration of business objectives, existing research, and the user experience across the entire website.


A newly defined hierarchy in the layout for product series gave the business unit a way to showcase their best sellers and target key user groups. This layout would additionally serve users by guiding them through machine series by providing them with easy to digest content and images.

Wireframes Wireframes

Remote Unmoderated Usability Testing

Platform: User Zoom

An unmoderated usability test was conducted to assess usability and gauge the efficiency of the crafting product series page, as well as its ability to be navigated within and from the site.

  • Users who are involved in sewing and crafting
  • Users who are likely to visit websites based around sewing and crafting

To represent the audience, a population of users with an interest in sewing and crafting were recruited by the following criteria:

  • Assess the new approach of employing a content-driven, narrative-based page structure
  • Evaluate the success of this type of new page structure
  • Users who have a rudimentary understanding (as a minimum) of web browsing and e-commerce

Participants were asked to perform the following tasks on a desktop computer:

Task 1

Please think aloud, as you imagine you saw a project recently that inspired your creative side. Search for a Brother machine on Google that would allow you to create a similar project.

Task 2

Please think aloud as you, as you explore your creative side to find a machine series on Brother that interests you. Find a machine you would consider purchasing.

Task 3

You have free time and want to start making clothes and possibly even start a business. Please think aloud, as you explore a series on Brother that interests you. Choose a machine in this series (imagine money is no object).

Task 4

You want to learn to sew, but don’t want to invest a lot of money. Please think aloud, as you find a series on Brother for beginners that fits your budget.

Google task Google task
Participant Feedback

“And so I guess for me, I would maybe want to start something that was easy and ways that I could actually, we'll learn how to do this from a beginner standpoint.”

“So I was just trying to see, are there ones, professional? Where it doesn't say, affordable.”

“This definitely looks, uh, it looks like something someone could use to start a business for someone who is a beginner.”

Analysis & Findings

What we learned


Users were seeking a customized experience based on ability, price, machine type, and business.


Users were seeking a customized experience based on ability, price, machine type, and business.

Title and images

Users relied on series title and image to choose a series.

Final Design & Product Launch

After launch, ongoing design initiatives will consider key findings of the usability report. Design enhancements will support the by user ability level, relevant content, and featured search functionality.

Series landing page Series landing page
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