Enhancing Digital Experiences

With Ai-powered ux magic

Enhancing Digital Experiences

With Ai-powered ux magic

I’m a problem solver and adventurer. I work with companies to transform experiences and advocate for their users.

Jamie Lynn Raymond

User Experience Designer, researcher, & Strategist

end-to-end design

I create experiences and design – Responsive websites, mobile applications, consumer web, and service technology systems.


User Research


Visual/UI Design

Content Strategy

UX Strategy

UX Design, User Research, UX Strategy, Visual/UI Design, Content Strategy, AI


Detailed case studies are available in my portfolio (ask me for the password)

CUSTOMIZEABLE Sales App Dashboard

Mobile first App for Sales Associates to track goals. 

design system for b2b Sales leads

Created a design system for system consistency with improved IA.

Transfomred User flow for NYC Museum

Improved interaction with the MET online collection.

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